Louise Wahlgreen

Hello, my name is Louise Wahlgreen, I am a knitwear designer and I have been developing knitwear pieces of clothes and accessories since 2003.

I work out of my Copenhagen studio, inhabited by old industrial knitting machines that play a central role in my design process. Craftsmanship is the way through. The outcome is pieces of long lasting value, growing with the people using them.

I am always on the look for a sense of common ground. Who am I designing for and where do we meet? How can materials, colours, shapes and lines complement the body? How can the final piece once in use also enhance the mind?

You can follow my journey on Instagram and facebook, treat yourself and purchase some pieces directly from there.

Any question or particular request, feel free to contact me at , give me call at +45 2618 6002 or connect on LinkedIn.

Louise Wahlgreen